Responsible Gaming at 11ic India

Play games on 11ic responsibly.

Basic Information

Gambling addiction is a serious problem. And it can develop in every player. At the initial stages, it is difficult to notice it. And when it becomes obvious, it is almost impossible to fight it on your own. To understand whether you have an addiction or not, try to take a break from betting and playing in the casino for a few weeks. If you feel negative emotions, anger and irritation, then you need help.

To reduce the risks of developing a gambling addiction, follow the principles of responsible gambling:

  • Use only money that belongs to you for betting. Never take other people’s money, borrow or lend it. This can lead to serious financial problems;
  • You should not risk money whose loss could cause you problems or affect the quality of your life. Only bet on money that you can afford to lose;
  • Do not make repeated deposits or increase your bet size to quickly make up for previous losses. This can lead to more losses;
  • Before you play, decide in advance how much time you are willing to spend on it. When the time limit expires, stop betting, regardless of whether you are on the plus or minus side;
  • Never gamble under the influence of alcohol or when depressed;
  • Take regular breaks if the game session lasts for a long time. Every hour you should take at least 15 minutes off from the game.

Remember that gambling addiction is a disease. And it requires timely diagnosis and treatment. If you need help, contact 11ic Support for help. Our specialists will tell you where you can go for treatment.

Also on the official 11ic website you can temporarily or permanently block your account at will. To do this, you also need to contact our support team.