Official 11ic License

We will tell you everything about the 11ic site license.

Excluded Countries

The Curaçao license gives the company the right to operate legally in several dozen countries, including India. This license is valid in all countries that recognize its validity. But there is a list of excluded territories where a company is not allowed to operate under a Curaçao license. It includes Curaçao, the Netherlands, France, Australia and the Dutch West Indies.

If a company violates this rule, the license may be suspended. If you notice a violation, report it to the Curaçao Gaming Commission. But before sending a complaint, make sure that the company is not operating in one of these countries under another license.

Research countries where 11ic is banned.

Relinquishment of Brand Ownership Rights

The Curaçao Gaming Commission and its members do not own the brands that have been licensed. We do not make any decisions or influence the operation of such gaming platforms. Therefore, we are not responsible for their actions and possible violations.

We will tell you who owns the licensed property on 11ic.

Logos and Trademarks

The Curaçao Gaming Commission does not own the logo, domain name and name of the licensed company. But all other materials on this page are our intellectual property. They may only be used after approval.

We will tell you who owns the logos on 11ic.