Payment Methods at 11ic in India

We will tell you everything about withdrawals and deposits on 11ic.

Deposit Methods

Deposits can be made on our platform or 11ic app by all willing users in order to be able to place bets, play casino games, activate participation in bonus and promotional programs, as well as many other features. To do this, you will be able to use several really reliable payment methods that are popular and convenient to use in India. So we emphasize that we do not charge additional commissions, and you can use INR as the main currency. The table below shows the basic data that are required when depositing the game balance with us at 11ic: 

Deposit MethodMinimum Deposit AmountDeposit Time
Online Pay500 INRInstant
Bank Transfer1000 INRInstant
USDT10 USDT or 830 INRInstant

Choose your method of replenishing funds on 11ic.

How To Deposit to 11ic?

In order to make sure that you will have no problems making a deposit on our platform, we offer you a universal step-by-step instruction, which is suitable for making deposits regardless of the payment method you choose:

1 Sign Up

Complete the registration process or log in to your personal gaming account using your username and password;

To start the game, register your account on platofrm 11ic.

2 Deposit Button

In the top right corner find the “Deposit” button and click on it.

Click the button that is located in the center to recharge in 11ic.

3 Select Payment Methods

Select one of the available payment methods and the amount to deposit.

Choose the best payment system to deposit money into your 11ic account.

4 Complete Transaction

Specify the account to be debited from and wait for the transaction to complete.

Confirm the amount deposited into the account as well as other information in 11ic.

11ic Withdrawal Methods

Also daily on our gaming platform users can withdraw their won funds using a variety of reliable payment methods. Withdrawal time takes an average of 15 minutes, although with poor internet connection it can take up to 48 hours. Also, in order to make daily withdrawals without problems, we recommend users to go through the verification process. Account verification is necessary to confirm your identity, you can do this by contacting technical support and providing them with copies of documents that verify your identity, such as passport, driver’s license or utility bills. Below you can read more about the current information regarding the payment methods that can be used to withdraw your winnings: 

Withdrawal MethodMinimum Withdrawal AmountWithdrawal Time
Online Pay500 INRInstant
Bank Transfer1000 INRInstant
USDT10 USDT or 830 INRInstant

Choose your withdrawal method on 11ic.

How to Withdraw Funds from 11ic?

When you are ready to withdraw your winnings from our 11ic gaming platform, the step-by-step instructions below will come in handy:

1 Log In

Log in to your personal gaming account using your username and password.

For a quick start to the game - log in to your previously created 11ic account.

2 Withdrawal Section

Go to the withdrawal section.

Go to the section dedicated to cash withdrawals at 11ic.

3 Fill in Details

Select a suitable payment method, specify the amount to be withdrawn and the account details to which the transaction will be made.

To play on the 11ic website, select the required payment system, and enter the required data.

4 Confirm the Withdrawal

Check all the details and confirm the withdrawal of your winnings.

To start playing 11ic, carefully enter the previously entered information and click confirm.

In just a few minutes, the amount you have specified will appear on your account, as withdrawals are instant and commission-free on our platform. But we strongly recommend that you go through the verification process so that any withdrawal can be done quickly. You will also be able to withdraw funds using Indian rupees as your main currency. 

Withdrawal Conditions

Withdrawal of money to 11ic is carried out in accordance with the rules. Their violation can lead to denial of the transaction and even blocking of the account. What rules must be observed:

  • If you are asked to verify when making your first withdrawal, do so. Confirm your phone number and email, fill out the questionnaire in the account settings and send your ID photos to the support team for verification;
  • When you withdraw money, you must use only the e-wallets and bank accounts that are registered to you. Withdrawal of funds to other people’s details is not possible;
  • Each transaction is processed on a first-come, first-served basis. You can submit multiple requests at the same time, but they will be processed incrementally.

Also remember that if there are unplayed bonuses on your account at the time of withdrawal, they will be burned.

Study the withdrawal conditions on 11ic.


Is it legal to use 11ic in India for gambling entertainment?

Yes, this gaming platform is absolutely fine for betting and playing casino games in India as it provides all its gambling services under the Curacao gambling license, which is considered one of the most trusted in the world?

Is it possible to place live bets on 11ic?

Yes, all users will be able to bet on various sports at 11ic, including live betting. You will also be able to register live bets while watching live streams, which take place on our platform on a daily basis.

How long does it take to make a withdrawal at 11ic?

At 11ic you can withdraw your winnings on a daily basis using many different payment methods. On average, withdrawals take up to 15 minutes, however, under different circumstances it can take up to 48 hours.

Can I have multiple gaming accounts on 11ic?

No, our gaming platform policy prohibits multi-accounts. If this violation is detected, all accounts found will be immediately blocked without the possibility of further recovery.

How many times a day can I make deposits and withdraw winnings?

Our company has no fixed limits on the number of deposits or withdrawals, so users can make any monetary transactions an infinite number of times.