11ic Privacy Policy

We will talk about the privacy policy on 11ic.

Basic Information

User Personal Data is any personal information by which you can confirm the uniqueness of a player. We start collecting such data already when you first visit our official website. After confirming your consent to the Cookie Policy, we receive information about your location, smartphone model, operating system type and version.

Additional data you voluntarily provide to 11ic when you register, pass verification, get bonuses, make deposits, withdraw money, communicate with support service.

In accordance with 11ic’s privacy policy, the collection of personal data is necessary to fulfill a number of purposes:

  • Improving the quality of services;
  • Creating new play opportunities;
  • Increased account security;
  • Suppression of fraud attempts;
  • Developing more effective advertising campaigns;
  • Creating new bonuses.

11ic guarantees that players’ personal data will not be shared with third parties or published in public sources. We also protect the information from leakage and hacking by cryptographic encryption.

At any time, you can refuse to provide us with personal data. To do so, please contact 11ic support. But please note that after that you will not be able to continue playing on our site.